terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

Trinity Garage Compilation

Here is the first album of my little Crime da Mala Records:

"Since a bit more than 3 years, Trinity brings every third thursday of the month 3 bands to play at Hirscheneck´s basement in Basel. Mostly local, young, new, independent and loud! Now, Crime da Mala Records, RFV and Hirscheneck have the pleasure to present you the first album with 10 songs, of 10 bands, carefully selected between all the 70 bands that ever played at Trinity concerts over the years."

A Side: 

1 - Disagony - Cut
2 - There Will Be Lions - Sick Satellites
3 - Heavy Harvest - Wicked
4 - L´ARBRE BIZARRE - Man In A Field (No Innocense)
5 - Erwin Born - Predata

 B Side: 
1 - Muddy Eyes - Cold North Wind
2 - Unort - Run Animal Run
3 - Cedric Russo - Rock´N´Roll Mädchen
4 - Dirk Dollar - Tumult Auf Uraniborg
5 - Sheivo - Reminiscence

Realized and Illustrated by Koostella
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochambers, Zurich 2015
Pressed by Flight 13 , Karlsruhe, Germany
© all songs by the bands (+SUISSA+)
Material Production by Crime da Mala Records, Basel

12´ , 180g black Vinyl with mp3 download codes.

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