terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2017

Jet to the Jungle

Jet to the Jungle! The new EP from Autoramas coming out on 20th January with a nice cover made with love for this great band! ;-).
Check out this song clicking here!

terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2016

Comicfest Hirscheneck 2016

Comicfest Hirscheneck is an international event dedicated to independent comics, micro editions and publishing collectives. 
No Marvel, no Mikey, no Star Wars! 
Real people, real comics, real graphic underground art.
Do not miss it!
Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016
Im Hirscheneck - Lindenberg 23, Basel:
Beiz / Börse: 14:00 bis 24:00 Uhr mit:
STRAPAZIN (CH) + Blackstrap Molasses (US/CH) + Balsam (BS) + Michel Weber (BE) + Radical Jetset (Berlin) + Erschöpfte Schöpfer (BS) + GUILLAUME DAEPPEN (BS) + Mania Minza (BS) + Lili Terrana (FR) + Lilli Loge (Berlin) + Crime da Mala Editions (BRA/CH) + Edition Chnusper (BS) + König Lü.Q. (BS) + Kuš! (LVA) + halbe Hände hoch (BE) + Siebdruckerei Reitschule (BE) + Comix Shop (BS) + Milk & Wodka (BS) + Simone Floriane (ZR) + Sif (BS) + Strane Dizioni (IT) + Faksepolis (BS) + Pintura Peligrosa (BS)
Beiz / Konzert ab 19:00 Uhr:
Landi Bandi (BS)
Keller / Videos: 15:00 bis 19:00 Uhr mit:
15:00h - "PIXO“ von João Wainer und Roberto T. Oliveira (BRA)
Documentary - Pixo, a street expession at São Paulo City.
16:00h - "Superficial Studies" von Gustavo Speridião (BRA)
This film tekes place in Flower Street, Missiles City
16:50h - "Beichtstuhl zum Schafott" von Tim Schonra. (BS)
Trash-Horror-Satire/ German language/ ca. 32min
17:20h - "Candy im Glück" von Tim Schonra. (BS)
Trash-Pulpfilm/ German language/ ca. 20min
Keller / Konzert ab 22:00 mit:
Burning Monks (BS)
Missling (BS)
Erwin Born (BS)

--------- Comicfest Extra-Veranstaltungen: ---------
Freitag, 2.Dezember ab 19:00 Uhr:
Opening Comicfest 2016 mit einer Satelliten Ausstellungsvernissage von "Igor Hofbauer (HRV)":
Kunsthalle Kleinbasel
Sperrstrasse 7
4057 Basel
Samstag, 3 Dezember von 14:00 bis 17:00 Uhr:
Kosmos & K'Werk
Sa. 3.12 14-17h
Kosmos Bücher & Magazine
Klybeckstrasse 69
4057 Basel

sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2016

"Spark" - Strapazin #123

Fui convidado a participar da última edição da revista Strapazin, a mais importante revista em quadrinhos dos países de língua alemã (Suíça, Alemanha e Áustria) - coisa linda!.
Além de fazer uma história de dez páginas na revista, acabei também tendo a honra de fazer esta linda capa:

A idéia dessa edição era mais ou menos assim: Sete autores foram escolhidos. Pra cada um foi pedido que enviasse 3 inspirações. Poderiam ser imagens, vídeos, músicas ou textos. Depois os editores enviaram todos os materiais inspirativos para todos os participantes e tivemos que fazer uma história em quadrinhos baseada nesse material. Foi bem divertido!
Maiores detalhes você pode conferir clicando aqui no preview.

Apesar da minha história ter sido feita exclusivamente para a revista, eu usei um personagem que faz parte de um novo livro que estou desenhando. Esse novo projeto terá em torno de 150 a 200 páginas e possivelmente será lançado em 2017 pela Crime da Mala Editions.

terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2016

Trinity Garage Compilation

Here is the first album of my little Crime da Mala Records:

"Since a bit more than 3 years, Trinity brings every third thursday of the month 3 bands to play at Hirscheneck´s basement in Basel. Mostly local, young, new, independent and loud! Now, Crime da Mala Records, RFV and Hirscheneck have the pleasure to present you the first album with 10 songs, of 10 bands, carefully selected between all the 70 bands that ever played at Trinity concerts over the years."

A Side: 

1 - Disagony - Cut
2 - There Will Be Lions - Sick Satellites
3 - Heavy Harvest - Wicked
4 - L´ARBRE BIZARRE - Man In A Field (No Innocense)
5 - Erwin Born - Predata

 B Side: 
1 - Muddy Eyes - Cold North Wind
2 - Unort - Run Animal Run
3 - Cedric Russo - Rock´N´Roll Mädchen
4 - Dirk Dollar - Tumult Auf Uraniborg
5 - Sheivo - Reminiscence

Realized and Illustrated by Koostella
Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochambers, Zurich 2015
Pressed by Flight 13 , Karlsruhe, Germany
© all songs by the bands (+SUISSA+)
Material Production by Crime da Mala Records, Basel

12´ , 180g black Vinyl with mp3 download codes.

Check it out on facebook clicking here.

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

Comicfest Hirscheneck

Independent publishing fair in Basel, Switzerland.

Comicfest Hirscheneck - 5th December 2015.
From 11:00am to 11:00pm at the Restaurant:

Independent Publishing Market with:

Ana Vujic (Basel) + Andy Leuenberger at Gallery Daeppen (Berlin/Basel) + Centrala (UK) + Comix Shop (Basel) + Crime da Mala Editions (BR) + Dinghy Collective (Zürich) + EddiE fuckin haRA (Basel/Yogyakarta) + Edition Chnusperfrass (Basel) + En Traits Libres (FR) + Faksepolis (Basel) + König Lü.Q (BS) + Kuš! (Letland) + Lili Terrana (FR) + Lilli Loge (Berlin) + Macherei (Basel) + Mania Minza (Basel) + Milk and Vodka (Basel) + Pintura Peligrosa (Basel) + Scarce Comics-mag (FR) + Sif (Basel) + Simone Baumann (Zürich) + Strane Dizioni (IT) + UUUH! (Berlin)

From 1:00pm to 6:00pm at the Basement:

+ 4 Trash Film from Tim Schonra (BS):
...Für eine Handvoll Kröten“ (Westerncomedy, CH 2008), "A blitzblede Gschicht’n“ (Krimiparodie, CH 2010), "Ich geb Dir Leder, Baby“ (Politaction/Fassbinderparodie, CH 2012), "Don Rakete in geheimer Sowjetmission“ (moderne Don Quijote-Adaption, CH 2015) ***

+ 3 morbid still life short films from the biologist Leandro Lopes (BR): "Mídia", "Gemini" and "Natureza Morta Viva".

From 10:00pm at the Basement:

RFV, Crime da Mala Records and Restaurant Hirscheneck presents: TRINITY GARAGE COMPILATION Album Release with the Bands:

Heavy Harvest (doom stoner) + L´ARBRE BIZARRE (indie) + There Will Be Lions (alternative rock) + Dirk Dollar (instrumental science-fiction punk)

*** On sunday, 6th december, the trash films from Tim Schonra will be presented again from 2:00 pm to 12:00 am at Kunsthalle Kleinbasel, Speerstrasse 7 with an exhibition of Film productions by Tim Schonra and movie props from Henk (www.kunsthallekleinbasel.com).

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2015

Kulturbeiz CXIII

Drawings made for the Kulturbeiz CXIII, a nice restaurant at the old Warteck tower in Basel:

sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2015

Au Revoir (first version).

When the micro edition Radio As Paper, from Nantes, ask me a comic story, I first sent this version. It was when I just found in internet the "Montage of Heck" songs from Kurt Cobain and was I listening to it over and over during days and getting crazy. The result of that is a montage I made with all my trash, sketches and paper cuts. The guys from Radio As Paper didn't like it. So I decide to draw the whole story as a normal story. I like the 2 versions of it. Here you can find the final version.